Cycling 4 Education

A cycling adventure to raise funds for Project Kakuma, which provides free education to refugees.

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Cycling 4 Education.

Cycling 4 education was born as “klimmen voor Kakuma” (climbing for Kakuma) in 2017 when I started to climb mountains to raise funds for the Kakuma Project.

In 2020 my refugee student Mohammad and his sister Mobina joined me to cycle and raise funds for education in Kakuma. So they will this year. Our 260km trip will lead us to the Belgian coast.

Project Kakuma.

In 2015 Belgian teacher Koen Timmers shipped his own laptop to Kakuma Refugee Camp and started to teach refugees via Skype. The camp – based in Kenya – is home to 200,000 refugees who fled from war and hunger in several African countries. 55% of the refugees in Kakuma are children, only half of them attend school.

At this moment the project – endorsed by Charlize Theron, Jane Goodall and HRM Princess Esmeralda – unites teachers across 75 countries and has its 2 own Innovation Lab Schools an 4 educational programs.


Interactions with students globally.

Teacher training

With University of Nairobi

Coding classes

For young adults.

Learning on demand

Via Video lessons.

Our ambassadors.

Grateful to have the support of our fantastic ambassadors and supporters Hanne Mestdagh and Nhial Deng for our cycling trip to the benefit of Project Kakuma and free education for refugees.

Hanne Mestdagh

Belgian basketball player for BC Namur-Capitale and the Belgian national team – The Belgian Cats. Hanne will participate the Olympics in Tokyo and cheer us on from there.

Nhial Deng

Changemaker | refugee & education consultant collaborating on #ProjectKakuma

Follow our journey.

Our cycling adventure to the Belgian coast will take place starting from July 22 – exact dates will be announced soon. As we travel we’ll update our social media accounts regularly so you can follow our progress.