Flash 4 Kakuma.

Cycling trip for the boys

Feb 2020 I promised the kids of my class – 3 refugee children – to take them for a cycling trip. They arrived in Belgium a couple of months ago, live in a refugee center and as soon as school’s out they have little or nothing to do.
I knew they love cycling, so I offered them to organize a little cycling trip to take their mind off things. We marked a day on our classroom calendar and started making plans and then…

“Miss, I think we should go cycling every weekend!”
“And look, miss, during summer we don’t have school. Can’t you come and cycle with us every single day then?”

I explained them it wouldn’t be possible because I already planned a cycling trip from Belgium to France + a triple climb of the Mont Ventoux, to raise funds to the benefit of the Kakuma Project.

First reactions

“Miss your legs will fall off after one week of cycling!”
“Miss, you will drop dead after climbing that mountain!”
“Miss, can’t you just tell people you will climb that mountain 3 times, but only do it once?”

Flash 4 Kakuma

The next morning the boys entered our classroom and had an announcement to make.

“Miss, we thought about your cycling trip. We are coming with you. We also want to raise funds for the school in Kakuma. You are ‘Klimmen Voor Kakuma’ and we will be ‘Flash 4 Kakuma’ (flash is the name they gave our classroom pet).”

I was at a loss for words. These boys – who literally have not much more than the clothes they are wearing – wanted to raise money for refugees at the other side of the world.

Of course, it’s just not possible for them to cycle 1350km with me. They have very little experience in riding bikes and can not cross the border line. But we agreed they could organize their own 3 day cycling trip and make their own fundraising campaign.

#Flas4Kakuma was born!