There she goes

The Innovation Lab Schools- supported by UNHCR - have set sail to Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. The building on site will be between 14 February and 1 March 2020.

Klimmen Voor Kakuma 1 & 2

When I cycle I have a strong and a weak leg and when I climb, I push myself up with one leg. I started to train again to climb one side of the Ventoux and I asked Koen if it would be ok to let people sponsor me for Project Kakuma. Klimmen Voor Kakuma was born.

The Kakuma Project

The kakuma project is a group of more than 400 teachers from 65 countries over 6 continents willing to offer free education via Skype. This project was set up in April 2015 by Koen Timmers, a Belgian teacher. He sent his own laptop to the Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) and started to teach via Skype