Project Kakuma .

The kakuma project is a group of more than 400 teachers from 65 countries over 6 continents willing to offer free education via Skype.

This project was set up in April 2015 by Koen Timmers, a Belgian teacher. He sent his own laptop to the Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya), which houses moren then 200,000 refugees who all fled from war and hunger. Koen Timmers started to teach via Skype and because schools in this area have no power supply a solar suitcase was developed.

55% of the refugees in Kakuma are children. Only half of them attend school. Child labor, cultural barriers, lack of resources, family needs, and young marriages causes huge amounts of dropouts. But above all there is a great shortage of school infrastructure and skilled teachers.

At the moment, only 20 students can join a live class, leaving hundreds more on a waiting list. That’s why Koen Timmers, Maggie Program NPO and DMOA architects want to combine forces by building an Innovation Lab School for about 200 children equipped with additional digital classes to train local refugees in becoming qualified teachers.

The result is an educational and vocational training center all in one, connected to the world via Skype and internet.

Innovation lab tent Maggie program

Innovation Lab School .

The new school will be the first in Kenya to be part of the Innovation lab school project which will offer Kakuma refugee camp a lot of attention globally.

A setup with two Maggie shelters (2x 100m2) and a one-way 20ft container (24m2) that will be used to ship in the school. Resulting in a total inner surface area of 224m2 or 800 m3.

  • Maggie 1 will be dedicated to the Skype project and teacher training.
  • Maggie 2 will be dedicated to flipped learning via video lessons and training professional programmers.

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